Automatic Transfer Switching Controller
ATS-9 is automatic transfer switch controller dedicated for LV switchgear. The device is especially dedicated for switchgears serving as auxiliary voltage supply system including diesel generator incoming feeders. An Incoming feeder where unplanned outage occurs is automatically switched off and the controller immediately sends switch on command to one of stand-by supplies according to set priority. Signalling of failures provides the staff precise and immediate information about occurring alert states. The controller provides also event recorder function. The records can be transferred to SCADA system with fiber optic port, RS-485 port or ethernet port. The communication protocol is chosen from one of the available protocols from the list as follows: ZEG, IEC 60870-5-103 or (optional) MODBUS, DNP-3, IEC 61850.

Manuals, diagrams, technical details


Product description

Main features

  • standard rack 19” enclosure 19”/4U/160
  • 7″ display, programmable with control funtion and settings change function
  • removable front panel with possibility to install in any place
  • 48 binary inputs, isolated, freely programmable
  • 24 relay outputs to control breakers and cooperate with substation telecontrol system, programmable
  • 16 analog inputs with function of voltage unbalace detection
  • 32 LED RGB diodes, fully programmable
  • watchdog contact in order to signal lack of auxilliary voltage or power supply module failure
  • back-up supply module
  • binary inputs for remote confirmation of visual signalling
  • input/output modules equipped with screw plug-in terminals
  • possibility of upgrading the device in order to control any number of feeders
  • possibility to block signalling with “Alarm ON/OFF” button
  • „Alarm C” button to confirm signalling
  • function buttons F1-F6 for setting the priority of feeders
  • 8 communication ports: RS-232, RS-485, ST-fibre-optic
  • transmission protocol chosen by software: IEC 60870-5-103 or ZEG


Rated supply voltage 110-230V DC/AC
or other on request
Burden in supply module <30 VA
No. of inputs 16-128
No. of 4U cassettes 1-4
Insulation optical
Inputs rated voltage 220V DC/AC
or other on request
Burden in binary inputs 0,3W
Settable time delay 25s
Time resolution 1ms
No. of communication ports 8
Weight 5 kg
Ambient temperature -5÷+40°C

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