Digital protection relay for HV power line
Protection device of type CZAZ-RL is dedicated to protect HV lines operating in power system of solidly earthed neautral point. Digital technology ensures high level of accuracy, reliabilty and dependability.

Manuals, diagrams, technical details


Product description

Protection set


 Distance protection

– poligonal, 5-zones

– independend directional detection system with voltage memory

– ground faults detection system (ground overcurrent with phase currents restrain)

– voltage transformers failure detection

– cooperation with AR automation and telecontrol channel

67N Against ground faults, directional, definite-time, two-stages or inverse time
51 Overcurrent, definite-time, two-stages or inverse time
27 Undervoltage
46 Current unbalance
47 Voltage unbalance
11 Against switch onto fault

Main features

  • 9 measuring inputs (phase currents and voltages, residual current, residual current of parallel line, voltage of the other side of CB)
  • 20 binary inputs
  • 3 TRIP purposes relay outputs allowing to direct connectrion with CB coils
  • 16 programmable relay outputs
  • 6 relay outputs for signalling purposes: supply module failure, device failure, distance protection pick-up, auto-reclose function activation, coupling signal and unlblock of close command by synchronism check function
  • Auto-Reclose automation (79)
    • single AR, three-phase with synchronism check
    • AR activation: internal (by distance protection or ground fault protection) or external (by backup protection or communication channel)
  • Synchronism check function (25)
  • Cooperation with telecontrol channel
    • conditionally (synchronous or blocking)
    • unconditionally (definite trip or in AR cycle)
  • Fault locator function (21FL)
  • Electrical values measuring (phase currents and voltages, symmetrical components of currents and voltages, residual current of parallel line, reference voltage for synchrocheck, current unbalance, voltage unbalance, active and reactive power, phase shift between voltages on open CB)
  • Disturbance recorder (sampling frequency 1800 Hz)
    • registering 15 analog signals and 88 binary signals
  • Duration of recorded waveform up to 250s for one channel (approx. 10s for recording all 15 channels and 88 binary signals
  • Memory of 15 recording files
  • Recording of measured and calculated values
  • Event recorder (capacity of 500 events, 100 unique events, time resolution 1ms)
  • Optical indication on front panel by:
    • 3 LED diodes signaling: distance protection pick-up, trip, device failure
    • messages about current line status and protection functions statuses displayed on alphanumeric display (20 unique parameters)
    • messages about disturbance on display (22 unique parameters, time of disturbance and fault location)
  • Self test and self control system
  • Screwless terminals for measuring inputs, pluggable terminals for other circuits
  • Autonomic communication by local Human Machine Interface
  • Remote communication with PC computer or supervising system. Available communication protocols: MODBUS ASCII/RTU or MODBUS TCP/IP, IEC 60870-5-103


Rated current In 1A or 5A
Rated voltage Un 100V, 110V or 125V
Rated frequency fn 50Hz
Auxilliary voltage Up 110 – 220 V DC
Burden of measuring inputs ≤0,5VA
Burden of auxilliary voltage supply ≤55W*)
Continuous thermal withstand of current inputs 2,2In
1 sec thermal withstand of current inputs 80In
Dynamic withstand of current inputs (10 ms) 200In
Continuous voltage withstand of voltage inputs 1,2Un
10 sec voltage withstand of voltage inputs 1,5Un
Relay outputs data – TRIP purposes relays:
Max. breaking capacity by U=250V DC/AC – L/R ≤ 40 ms 3A
Continuous contact carry 8A
Relay outputs data – other purposes relays:
Max. breaking capacity by U=250V DC/AC):
– resistive load 0,3A
– inductive load L/R ≤ 40 ms 0,12A
Max. breaking capacity by U=250V, 50Hz
– inductive load, cosϕ=0,4 3A
Continuous contact carry 5A
Ambient temperature (268÷313)K/(-5÷40)°C
Relative humidity ≤80%
Ingress Protection degree
Weight 12 kg
Dimensions (height x width x depth)
CZAZ-RL/D – surface mounting 285,2 x 288 x 284 mm
CZAZ-RL/C – rack 6U, 19” mounting 265,9 x 482,6 x 262 mm
Electromagnetic compatibility acc. to PN-EN 50263
Insulation according to PN-EN 60255-5

*) when all relay outputs picked-up

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