Auxilliary circuits monitoring system
MPW-1 is freely programmable device which by: light indicators on front panel, LCD display and set of relay outputs monitors the status of auxilliary voltage switchgear. For controlled voltage and current values the alarm threshold values of both types: up alarm or down alarm can be set. voltages and currents are presented in their primary values. The device controls also the position of each breaker by using isolated binary inputs. All the measured values and breakers statues are constantly sent to the supervision system. . There is also set of logical nodes to which any pair of contacts can be assigned. Example of assigned signals are: 400/230V AC switchgear: ATS blocked, ATS operation, unsuccesfull ATS, lack of voltage on TR1, lack of voltage on section 1, lack of voltage on TR1, lack of voltage on section 2 220 V DC switchgear: U<Un, U>Un, Battery AL1, Battery AL2, earthing module failure, earth fault, Rectifier 1 Alarm, Rectifier 2 Alarm 230V AC switchgear: U<Un, U>Un, Invertor operation on battery, Invertor Alarm 24 V DC switchgear: U<Un, U>Un, Rectifier 1 Alarm, Rectifier 2 Alarm All signals can be grouped as ALARM or Failure signals. 7 inch touch screen allows to monitor the operation of the auxilliary switchgears, preview of inputs and outputs, change the language, preview of real time, preview the event recorder data, preview the analog values.

Manuals, diagrams, technical details


Product description

MPW-1 device is intended to supervise position of breakers in auxilliary circuits switchgear of 2 feeders and coupler topology. Measuring inputs allows to monitor electrical values of 110/220 VDC, 230V AC 24/48V DC switchgears.

Indication of failures provides the crucial information in quick and precise way. The device provides also the event recorder functionalitty. Data stored in the event recorder can be transferred to the supervision system by fiber-optic link, RS485 or Ethernet connection. Available communication protocols are: ZEG, IEC60870-5-103 and optionally MODBUS, DNP-3 or IEC61850.

Main features

  • cassette enclosure of dimensions 19’’/4U/160
  • programmable touch screen 7’’ which allows to control and change the settings
  • 32 programmable RGB LED diodes
  • detachable front panel allowing to be installed in any place
  • insulated measuring inputs: voltage and current
  • two independent fully redundant power supplies

Technical data

Rated auxilliary voltage

110-230V DC/AC

other value on request

Burden in power supply <30VA
Number of binary inputs 70
Number of 4U cassettes 1
Insulation optical
Control voltage

Uw=220V DC/AC

other value on request

Burden in binary inputs 0,3W
Time resolution 1ms
Number of communication channels 8

Fiber optic ST / IEC 870-5-103




Weight 5kg
Ambient temperature -5 +40 °C

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