Reverse power protection relay
Reverse power protection is sensitive to direction of power flow in three-phase power network. It is intendend to be used as a protection of generator against motor operation condition. The device integrates functions of protection, measuring control and recording.

Manuals, diagrams, technical details


Product description

Protection set

32R against reverse power, two-stages
27/59 under-/overvoltage, two-stages
50/51 definite-time overcurrent, three-stages
81 frequency, instantaneous or time-delayed, three-stages
62 external protection

Main features

  • 4 measuring inputs (Un=100V) or 2 measuring inputs (Un=400V)
  • measurement of current, voltages and phase shifts values
  • real time clock
  • event recorder with capacity up to 500 records
  • last disturbance parameters recorder
  • samples or magnitudes of disturbance and logic states recorder
  • Number of operation counters
  • Two binary inputs for cooperation with external protection purposes, possibility to be used as blocking inputs
  • Trip impulse
  • alphanumeric LCD display (2×16) and six buttons enabling operation of the relay
  • visual indication (by LED diodes) of pick-ups and trips, exceeding of counters or proper operation of relay
  • 7 programmable relay outputs (S1-S7)
  • RS-485 port for communication with PC computer or supervision and control system (MODBUS-RTU protocol)
  • self-test system of proper operation of relay control
  • enclosure construction enables three types of mounting: 35 mm rail, surface mount or flush mount

The energising values are phase currents and phase-to-phase voltages (IL1, IL2, U23, U31 if Un=100V or IL1, U23 if Un=400V). On basis of measured values, value of power is calculated and value of voltage frequency as the average frequency of two measured voltages. If one of measured or calculated values exceed the threshold value set by the user, the relay reacts according to protection function algorithms. With the communication interface following information are available: measured and calculated currents and their phase shifts, binary inputs and outputs statuses and register records. SMiS software provided with each device allows to: protection functions configuration, read and write of protection settings, acknowledgment of relay pick-up signal and browsing relay recorded data.


Rated measuring current In 1A or 5A
Rated measuring voltage Un 100V or 400V
Rated frequency 50Hz
Auxilliary voltage 24V DC, 48V – 60V DC,
110V DC/AC, 230V DC/AC
Control voltage acc. to aux voltage
Setting ranges and parameters of 32R protection:
– power threshold value Pr = (0,000 ÷ 1,200)Pn
– characteristic angle α = (0,0 ÷ 360,0)˚
– reset coefficient kp = 0,60 ÷ 0,99
– accuracy of power measurement 2,5%
– operation angle range ϕ1= – α + 90˚, α2= α – 90˚ (±1,5˚)
Setting ranges and parameters of 27/59 protection:
– threshold voltage Ur = (0,05 ÷ 1,20)Un
– voltage measuring range U=(0÷144)V (Un=100V)
U=(0÷500)V (Un=400V)
– accuracy of voltage measuring δ ≤0,5% dla U=(0,8 ÷ 1,2)Un
 Setting ranges and parameters of 50/51 protection:
– threshold current (0 ÷ 3,00)In
– current measuring range I=(0÷3)In
– accuracy of current measuring δ ≤1% dla I=In
Setting ranges and parameters of 81 protection:
– operation mode



– threshold frequency (40,0 ÷ 65,0)Hz by step of 0,05Hz
– accuracy of frequency measuring 0,01Hz
Setting range of operating time t =(0,00 ÷ 99,99)s
Accuracy of time measuring 1% ±10ms
Burden in measuring inputs ≤0,5VA/input (Un=100V)
≤1VA/input (Un=400V)
Burden of supply module ≤5W
Continuous measured current 4 In
Thermal withstand of current inputs (1s) 80 In
Dynamic withstand of current inputs 200 In
Thermal withstand of voltage inputs
– continuous 1,2 Un
– short-term (10s) 1,44 Un
Relay outputs data:
Max. breaking capacity by 250V DC
– resistive load 0,3A
– inductive load of L/R ≤40ms 0,1A
Max. breaking capacity by 250V, 50Hz
– inductive load, cosϕ=0,4 3A
Continuous contact carry 6A
Ambient temperature (253÷328)K/(-20÷55)°C
Relative humidity ≤80%
Ingress Protection degree IP40
Weight ok. 0,7kg
Dimensions (height x width x depth) 75 x 100 x 120 mm
Electromagnetic compatibility according to EN 60255-26
Insulation according to EN 60255-5

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