Central substation annunciator
The SC-16 device is dedicated to visual (by LED) indicating of information received by its binary inputs. In particular it can be: signals informing about trips or any other disturbances occuring within supervised station which are critical to quick assesment of situation by the staff. SC-16 is freely programmable device – each diode can be assignet to any input or group of inputs. Also, each signal can be multiplied by relay outputs of the device. The device cooperates with substation telecontrol system and is equipped with event recorder. SC-16 is equipped with fiber-optic communication port, RS-485 or Ethernet for communication with supervision system purposes. The communication is fulfilled by following protocols: ZEG (with SMiS software) or IEC 60870-5-103. Optionally protocols MODBUS or DNP-3 are also available.

Manuals, diagrams, technical details


Product description

Main features

  • 16/24/32/40 isolated channels for disturbance signalling purposes (binary inputs), 16 RGB LED diodes
  • 8/16 relay outputs in order to pick-up and multiply telecontrol signals
  • lack of auxilliary voltage or supply module failure signalled by NC watchdog contact
  • binary inputs in order to remote quitting of visual or acoustic signals
  • flush-mounted aluminium enclosure of dimensions 144/144/141 mm
  • back-up auxilliary voltage by additonal supply module
  • input/output modules equipped with plug-in connectors
  • input signals can be grouped up to 15 signals per group
  • input signal can be programmable delayed
  • possibility of extension by 16/24/32/40 inputs
  • possibility of equipment in additional multiplying relays
  • multiplying relays can be grouped up to 15 signals per group
  • set of buttons in order to test alarms ex.: ALARM, FAILURE, AL1, AL2, FIRE, BREAK-IN
  • ALARM ON/OFF button to block acoustic signals
  • ALARM C button to quitt acoustic signals


Rated supply voltage 110-230 V DC/AC
or other on request
Burden in supply module <30 VA
No. of inputs 16 16-40
Insulation  optical
Inputs rated voltage

Uin=220 V DC/AC

or other on request

Inputs burden 0,3W
Settable time delay 25s
Time resolution 1ms
No. of communication ports 4
Weight 2,2 kg
Ambient temperature -5÷+40°C

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