Monitoring and control software

Manuals, diagrams, technical details


Program description

SMiS software is a tool intended to maintain protection units and relays of ZEG-Energetyka with PC computer, which work separetly or in network of any configuration.

Application is supported by Windows operating system and its main features are:

  • ergonomic and user friendly interface to allow access to all functions implemented in ZEG-Energetyka protection relays
  • automatic generation of protection characteristic diagrams, what significantly helps in setting process
  • extended browse functions, downloading registered data from protection units, printing and exporting to COMTRADE files or graphic files (bitmaps)


Program functions:

  • Read and write of protection and control functions settings
  • Displaying of current status of devices and protection statuses
  • Displaying of measured or caltulated values
  • Sending control commands to devices
  • Testing and commisioning of protections
  • Rewriting access password
  • Event browser
  • Disturbance browser

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