Feeder Bay Controller for MV Power Grid
CZAZ-NT is a modern, digital feeder bay controller dedicated for MV power grid. The device fullfils the functionality of protection, control, measuring, registers and communication with supervision system. The CZAZ-NT is built as two-elements device: logical unit and HMI. Its construction allows to mount the device in three ways: surface mounted, flush mounted or mixed mount.

Manuals, diagrams, technical details


Product description

Depending on application, the logical unit can be chosen between three possible width options: 36TE, 46TE or 56TE. The device consists of set of basic functional modules i.e. power and CPU module and set of extending modules which depends on specific need: current and voltage measuring module, binary inputs modules, relay outputs modules, analog inputs module, communication modules. Device construction, huge set of extension modules, rich library of protection and control functions allows to provide complex control of each power object which has to be protected.

Main features:

  • versatile in use device construction:
    • two-elements: logical unit and HMI, three mounting possibilities
    • three width options: 36TE, 46TE, 56TE
  • redunant power module: can be powered by two independed voltage sources, provides safe operation in case of lack of one of power supply
  • rich, versatile protection functions library (see table below)
  • set of register functions: events, disturbance recorder, last disturbance parameters recorder, trend recorder
  • modular construction: can be extended by 8, 12 or 16 modules. Rich set of extension modules:
    • current and voltage measuring module
    • 10 binary inputs module
    • 8 relay outputs module
    • module of 4 inputs for PTC sensors
    • module of 4 inputs for 4-20mA or 0-10V measuring converters
    • module of 4 inputs for arc flash sensors
    • communication extensions modules: 4xRS-485 port, RS485+Ethernet ports – redundant communication
  • modern, functional Human Machine Interface
    • 7” touch scrren
    • 16 programmable RGB LEDs
    • 4 LED diodes for indication of device status
    • possibility to equip with key lock to be configured
    • set of functional buttons to control or acknowledgment purposes
    • 5 programmable buttons with programmable diodes (ex. to confirm acknowledgment action)
  • settable list of users with their acces permissions: up to 4 users
  • USB-A port to insert the memory stick for: download or upload settings, download registers data
  • USB-B port to connect with PC computer what allows to browse device status, download registers data, configure the device
  • screw or screwless terminals according to the order
  • built-in PLC with rich set of logical functions, user-friendly graphical interface:
    • NOT, OR, AND, XOR gates
    • time elements: rising edge delay, falling edge delay, pulse, generator
    • analog values comparators
    • flip-flop
    • counters
  • power quality meter basic functionality:
    • THD
    • voltage dips, sags and swells counter
    • frequency deviations
    • graphical user-friendly presentation of data
  • rich set of measured values incl. electrical values directly measured and calculated as well as non-electrical values
  • set of functional contacts: alarm, failure, trip to cooperate with substation control system


Auxilliaty rated voltage UpN 110-230 V AC, 110-220 V DC
Range of auxilliary voltage 0,8 – 1,1 Upn
Burden in power supply Upn <30 W
Control voltage Usn 110 V AC/DC, 220 V AC/DC
Range of control voltage Usn 0,8 – 1,1 Usn
Current inputs
Rated current In 1/5 A
Measuring range of current inputs 60 IN
Burden if I=In <0,5 VA
Continuoes measured current 4 In
Thermal withstand 1s 100 In
Dynamic withstand 10 ms 250 In
Residual current sensitive measuring inputs (I0)
Maximum measured current I0max 12 A
Burden if I0=5A <0,4 VA
Continuoes measured current 11 A
Thermal withstand (1 s) 250 A
Dynamic withstand (10 ms) 625 A
Voltage measuring inputs
Rated voltage Un 58 V/100 V
Maximum measured voltage 1,5 Un
Burden if U=UN <0,5 VA
Thermal withstand (10 s) 1,5 UN
Continuoes measured voltage 1,2 UN
Rated frequency fn 50/60 Hz
Binary inputs
Rated input voltage

110V AC/DC,

220 V AC/DC

Burden in binary inputs < 5 mA
Relay outputs
Continuoes contact carry 5 A
Breaking capacity
For DC voltage 250 V
– resistive load 0,3 A
– inductive load L/R=40 ms 0,12 A
For AC voltage U=250V/50Hz
– inductive load of cosϕ=0,4 3 A
Accuracy of current treshold values 1%
Accuracy of voltage treshold values 1%
Accuracy of frequency treshold values 0,05 Hz
Accuracy of time 1% ±5 ms

Relay response time

(excl. frequency protection)

 ≤40 ms
freqyency protections response time ≤80 ms
Sustain time >50 ms
Reset coefficient
– for over-protection functions settable: 0,60 – 0,99
-for under- protection functions settable: 1,01 – 1,40
·         USB – A
·         USB – B
·         1-2 x Ethernet
·         2-4 x RS-485 (optionally fiber-optic)
·         Possibility to add extra ports
·         IEC 60870-5-103
·         IEC 61850
·         MODBUS
·         DNP 3.0
Dimensions (width x height x depth)
Logical unit
·         36 TE 205 x 227 x 147 mm
·         46 TE 255 x 227 x 147 mm
·         56 TE 305 x 227 x 147 mm
Front panel 205 x 227 x 30 mm
Weight 7 kg
Ingress protection degree IP40
Ambient temperature -20…55°C
Relatuve humidity ≤95%


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