Central substation annunciator
The SC-64 substation annunciator is freely programmable device, which indicates occurrence of substation signal by optical indicators. Received signals can be grouped and individually assigned to optical indicators, relay outputs or quitting inputs. Inputs are energized by control voltage. Input pick-up can be programmable delayed with delay time up to 25 seconds. Disturbance optical signalling is realized by blinking light of frequency 2 Hz. Quitting of the optical signals is possible only after quitting of acoustic signals. Sustained signal of disturbance, after blinking mode quitting, is further signalled by continuous light. If quitted disturbance is vanished, the optical indicator blanks. Every acoustic channel (TRIP, Failure, Al1, Al2) can be picked-up by any of disturbance input. Every disturbance input is supported by interlock circuit against excess of data coming from damaged channel.

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Product description

Main features

  • 64 binary inputs for substation signalling purposes – 64 LED diodes
  • 16 relay outputs in order to multiply substation signals
  • watchdog contact in order to signal „lack of aux. voltage” or supply module failure
  • binary inputs for remote confirmation of visual and acoustic signalling
  • standard rack 19” cassette of dimensions 19”/4U/160
  • removable front panel with possibility to install in any place
  • input/output modules equipped with screw 16-pins plugs
  • input signals can be grouped up to 15 signals per group
  • possibility to add time-delay (up to 25 sec) for each input signal
  • possibility of expansion the device up to 256 signals
  • possibility to instal additional relays to multiply output signals
  • test buttons for testing special signals: TRIP, failure, Al1, Al2, fire, intruder
  • possibility to switch off acoustic signalling with “Alarm ON/OFF”
  • „Alarm C” button to confirm acoustic signals


Rated supply voltage 220V DC/AC
or other on request
Burden in auxilliary voltage input < 30VA
Number of inputs (per each cassette) 64-128
Max. number of cassettes 1-4
Insulation optical
Rated input voltage 220V DC/AC
or other on request
Burden of binary inputs 0,3W
Time-delay settable range 0,1 – 24 s
Time resolution 1ms
Number of communication channels 8
Weight 6,7kg
Ambient temperature -5÷+40°C

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