Generator and Power Units Protection Systems

Generator and Power Units Protection Systems

Series of generator protection sets of types: CZAZ-GT/CZAZ-GTM/CZAZ-G is dedicated to be used as a protection system power units or generator-transformer sets or generator directed to system connected.

The devices are characterised by freely programmable software. Thanks to it, generator protection sets serves as complex solution for protection system of power unit of any configuration and any rated power. Generator protection units provide comprehensive functionality of protection, control and signalling as well as measuring of electrical values, disturbance recording, analog and binary signals recording and communication by local panel and supervision system.
Unique construction of units makes them very flexible in adaptation to any object configuration at the designing phase, commisioning works and during duty of the power unit on the basis of gained experience.

For the smallest generation units, we are offering specialised protection relay mZAZ-GR or set of individual current, voltage or special purpose relays.

Low power generator protection relay
Digital protection unit dedicated for large power generators and power units
Digital protection set dedicated to low power generator-transformer or generator unit
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