Protection units

Protection units

Feeder Bay Controller for MV Power Grid
Busbar differential protection system
Digital protection and control relay for MV power network
Digital protection and control relay for MV asynchronous and synchronous motor
Digital protection relay for MV power network
Family of MV protection relays
Voltage, „window-mode” relay
Digital protection relay for HV power line
HV switchgear protection relay
Low power generator protection relay
Versatile overcurrent protection relay
Ground fault protection relay
Ground fault protection relay
HV/MV transformer digital protection relay
Digital protection unit dedicated for large power generators and power units
Digital protection set dedicated to low power generator-transformer or generator unit
Versatile voltage protection
MV/LV transformer protection relay
MV power line protection
Motor protection
Digital protection relay for measuring bay
Reverse power protection relay
DC network protection relay
Voltage relay
Voltage relay
Voltage, time-delayed relay
Voltage relays
Overcurrent backup protection relay
Two-stages current relay
Current, time-delayed relay
Overcurrent relay
Ground overcurrent relay
Overcurrent and ground overcurrent protection relay
Current relay
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